Austin Links Roundup – February 9, 2015

Things are starting to pick up after post-holiday doldrums. Here’s what you may have missed around City Hall over the past couple weeks:

  • Austin Contrarian points out very basic case that staggered work hours or flex time is a pretty unserious proposal to fix Austin’s traffic problems.
  • The Overhead Wire shows that as employers leave Austin’s downtown, it makes traffic worse — and transit service worse. Employment sprawl is a big problem for Austin, and shouldn’t get worse.
  • Keep Austin Wonky provides helpful guidance for CapMetro, an organization that likes to talk about transparency, but seems to be less than interested in practicing it. Other transit organizations publicly release monthly ridership data. CapMetro doesn’t, and requires FOIA requests to access any meaningful data. That’s embarrassing.
  • Mike Dahmus obliterates all the fish in the barrel while applying his 2015 Honesty Agenda principles to the latest round of CapMetro excuses over disappointing ridership. In a city with 300 days of sunshine per year, CapMetro VP Todd Hemingson is still blaming the weather, not cutting frequency on the busiest bus route.
  • Austin On Your Feet profiles a secret mid-rise neighborhood…
  • Jace Deloney digs into CapMetro’s disappointing ridership numbers, which feature this awful statistic: “systemwide ridership has gone down 3.6% over the past year, with bus ridership decreasing a whopping 7%