Austin Links Roundup – June 15, 2014

Well, the Mayor’s Rubber Stamp Club Central Corridor Advisory Committee voted 13-1 to move the Project Connect urban rail plan forward to City Council. 1000 kudos to Julie Montgomery, for having the courage to be the sole dissenting vote. AURA laid out a very reasonable case for why you should vote against the proposed urban rail plan for Austin.

On the flip-side, AURA has officially transitioned to take on a more comprehensive activist goal for the city: An Austin for Everyone. I’m a member of AURA, and I testified in front of City Council in support of Council Member Chris Riley’s proposal to study reducing regulations for accessory dwelling units aka granny flats, in-law apartments, or garage apartments. We won that vote 4-3, so big shout outs to Mayor Leffingwell, Council Members Riley, Martinez & Spelman for moving Austin forward.

On to the links:


Austin construction

New building going up at Colorado around 4th Street, seen from Lavaca. Photo by me. IG: LocalMustard